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Your lawn is the carpet of your garden. Keeping it clean and tidy makes a big difference. At Tom Thumb Lawn Care we analyse, advise and treat your lawn, visiting approximately 5 times a year to help ensure it is in perfect condition. Our prices start from just £17 per treatment and if you pay monthly, our costs are from just a little under £7 a month!

Whether it’s a fungal disease or an insect problem, we will identify the causes of your lawn problems, and recommend the correct products and treatments to fix it. Call us today for your free, no obligation quote and start transforming your lawn today.

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Think of your lawn as a battlefield.  An army of grass plants that just want a place to set down their roots and make a home. But, without proper care and attention, your lawn’s enemies will creep in and attempt to take over!

 Whether it’s taking over soil space or eating away at the roots, lawn enemies can attack from every angle. We know how to spot your lawn enemies and we’ve got the weapons to keep them under control.

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Weeds can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some weeds are easy to control, but some can be a real pain. Knowing the correct time of year and application is key to ensuring your lawn doesn’t suffer.



Grubs can range from Leatherjackets and Chafer Grubs that feed off your lawn’s roots, to Ants that create annoying hills on your lawn. Tom Thumb can diagnose which grub is causing a problem and offer the correct solutions.



Moss is the UK’s biggest lawn complaint and the world’s biggest living organism! Our weather helps moss thrive, but knowing what this enemy doesn’t like is the key to knowing how to keep it under control.

Fungal Diseases


Fungal diseases can be very complex, and if not identified correctly can create nasty looking patches on your lawn. From Fairy Rings to Fusarium, we’ll identify the problem and provide the solution.

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The most common lawn problems are weeds and moss, so our seasonal treatments help to control these enemies while giving your lawn the nutrients it needs to fight back. We’ll visit your lawn five times a year to carry out a seasonally specific treatment and if we spot anything else that requires attention such as insects, fungal diseases or any soil related issues, we’ll let you know there and then. We’ll even advise you on the best lawn mowing practices to ensure you get the most out of our treatments. Check out our seasonal lawn treatment plan below!

Spring Treatment

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During the cold wet winter, your lawn simply hasn’t got the energy to defend itself from it’s enemies. Spring is the time to give your lawn…

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Early Summer Treatment

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Now that the summer has started to kick in, weeds will be looking for a place to root down and make a family, but our second weed control…

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Late summer Treatment

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British summers can be soaking wet or bone dry, and either condition can have an effect on your lawn. Dry summers cause lawns to dry out whereas…

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Autumn Treatment

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As summer comes to an end and temperatures start to fall, your lawns worst enemy, moss, will start to take hold again. Our Autumn Treatment…

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Winter Treatment

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Winter really is a trying time for your lawn. The grass plant’s growth slows down to an almost standstill while moss thrives in it’s attempt…

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Booster Treatments improve the health of the grass plant, helping it to defend itself against the enemy. Booster Treatments help to control the cause of the lawn problem. For example, fungal diseases thrive in areas where there is limited airflow. Improving the airflow over the surface of the lawn will reduce the “home” or cause of the fungal disease.


Say goodbye to moss and its home, thatch (click for more info)

TT Pointing ScarifyScarifying is a process perhaps best described as a mechanical raking of the lawn; its primary purpose is to remove thatch from the lawn although it has associated benefits as well. The machine used has a series of sharp tungsten blades that rotate at high speed and cut vertically into the turf. The depth can be adjusted to remove as much or as little as required. This machine and process should not be confused with the typical machine available on the domestic market, which is more of a lawn rake, has much less power and limited depth penetration.


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hollow tine aeration

Give your lawn a breath of fresh air (Click for more info)

TT Blowing AerationHollow Tine Aeration is the process of taking small plugs from the lawn. Air is one of your lawns vital elements alongside water, nutrients and sunlight. Increasing the airflow to the root-zone is an important phase of lawn maintenance and should be carried out annually.

Over time, most soils will become compacted, squashing the particles together and reducing the grasses ability to grow well. This compaction will itself cause a number of problems and will increase the likelihood of the lawn becoming flooded or water logged.

Compacted soils are much more likely to become infested with either weeds such as daisys or moss. The roots are unable to grow and reproduce and therefore unable to access the nutrients they require. The grass tends to be weak and pale in compacted soils, so improving the airflow will help new roots develop, and in turn will improve the quality of your lawn.

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Improve your lawns home by giving is some nice fresh soil (Click for more info)

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What is top dressing and why top dress a lawn?

Top dressing a lawn is the process of adding a fine layer of fresh soil to the lawn surface. Top dressing benefits the lawn as it builds up the quality of the soil over a period of time, – sandy soils will be able to retain moisture better and so the lawn will be more resistant to drought, clay soils will drain better thus improving root development. Another benefit of top dressing the lawn is that it will help to even out any lumps and bumps that are present on an uneven lawn, filling in any small hollows that may develop. Top dressing also stimulates the grass to produce new shoots and so results in denser grass cover which helps combat the onset of weed and moss infestation.

Top dressing is a great way of improving that all important airflow. If your lawn is growing in a clay soil, compaction can be a major issue as the clay particles form a tightly packed soilbed. Topdressing allows the particles to seperate, thus producing a much more preferable growing medium. Top dressing is great combined with overseeding

When would Tom Thumb top dress my lawn?

We generally top dress lawns during the Autumn or Winter period. However, if your lawn requires full renovation, top dressing will be carried out as part of this process.



Give your lawn some fresh new plants (Click for more info)

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Overseeding is a way of replicating nature. If we did not cut our lawns, the grass plant would naturally form seeds, and eventually the wind would carry them over the surface of the lawn. They will then lay dormant until the correct conditions allow them to germinate. This introduces new healthy plants to the existing lawn, helping to increase the quality of growth. We can replicate this process by ‘overseeding’. This can be carried out during Scarification, Aeration or Topdressing.

combat treatments

Using our Combat Treatments, we can tackle the problem head on. So, if a fungal disease has already taken hold, we can apply a fungicide that will control the disease there and then. We would then recommend carrying out Booster Treatments to avoid any further re-growth.

Moss Control

Moss Control Treatment (Click for more info)

TT Pointing Scarify

Moss thrives in a fibrous layer of material called thatch on the surface of most lawns. Our  Moss Control treatment will kill any moss present your lawn, and is included in our autumn and winter seasonal treatments.

Weed Control

Weed Control Treatment (Click for more info)

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Some weeds can be really difficult to control and most DIY products won’t have any effect at all! There’s a weed control treatment included in our spring, early summer and late summer seasonal treatments.


Fungal Disease Control Treatment (Click for more info)

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Most lawns will suffer from a fungal disease at some point during the year. Identifying the problem and dealing with it early is the key to overcoming the problems they can cause.


Insect Control Treatment (Click for more info)

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Grubs can be a real nuisance so catching them early is the key to success. We can spot the tell-tale signs and recommend the best solution. 

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Lawn Renovation

Some lawns can be in such a poor condition they require complete refurbishment in order to restore them back to full health. Tom Thumb’s Lawn Renovation Programme can restore any lawn for a fraction of the cost of relaying.

We’ve never found a lawn that we can’t save and you’ll be amazed at what we can do. Stop wondering whether it’s too late and give us a call today. It’s free for us to have a look!

dd logoWe take cash, cheque, credit/debit, but our most popular method is Direct Debit.

Our Direct Debit plan allows you to create a yearly treatment plan and split the cost over a twelve month period. We offer plans to suit all your lawn care requirements and we can also create a plan that just inlcudes the basics, meaning you can pay for any further treatments as you go. Check our comparison chart below and call us today to find out how much you could be saving.

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We’d love to hear from you! If you have questions about our services, or would like us to carry out a free no obligation lawn analysis, simply fill out our contact form and we’ll call you back.

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